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  • Earthquakes Occur In The Southern Seas of Indonesia

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  • Citing information from CNBC (New York) on monday 2 october 2017 Gold is now nearing its lowest level at seven weeks in the american market rising US Treasury yields and strengthening…

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  • Artist cast on the movie Fifty Shades of Grey" she was shocked and very scared after seeing on half-naked photos, allegedly she became a victim of hacking she has an account 'Icloud'.

    The incident…

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  • On the races session marquez failed to finish in Silverstone, because Due to engine failure (blow engine). Very unfortunate it just happened

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  • Rossi this time will try very well in the event race in the Silverstone which will start on sunday (27/8/2017)

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  • The law must be enforced by each country of the world for all citizens of the world at large, why? Because the law is a fortress and action that will result from injustice.…

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